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We are at the dawn of a business service revolution that will transform the way we deal with procurement and decision making. The scale and complexity of these changes is almost without precedent, and companies that seek to survive in this new environment must have the flexibility, the expertise and the long-term vision to adapt to this new and effective service.

We believe that success in today's marketplace requires the ability to move swiftly and in sync with changes in technology – that we can make decisions quickly, fairly and decisively and with agility that keeps us at the forefront of the industry. Seidco communications offers flexible and uniquely tailored software to suit the client's needs. All development is facilitated by highly qualified and experienced programmers, while maintaining competitive prices for businesses to share their profiles. Findasupplier.ae has been developed and designed to help you find and publish tender notices and subsequently submit bids on government and public sector procurement across UAE. Register now as a client or bidder and experience the immediate benefits of online tendering.

Our Vision

Efficient, effective and transparent procurement which reflect the principles of value for money, transparency and accountability.

Our Mission

To drive companies develop and implement a transparent, effective, non-corrupted system while applying business in marketplace.

Who we are?

Findasupplier.ae is a team of experienced, passionate technologists focused on web development, innovation, and strategy for companies that count on web services to drive business.

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